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Phoenix Rescue Mission - Changing Lives Center
October 29, 2017

Phoenix Rescue Mission - Changing Lives Center

About the Event

On Sunday, October 29, SouthGate Church will be moving our Sunday morning service to the Phoenix Rescue Mission Changing Lives Center for Women. We will be doing a worship service for the women living there as well as having Children’s Church and Nursery care for their children. Following the service, will be cooking and serving a barbeque lunch and our Connect Groups will be sponsoring activity booths for the children.

This is our 4th year doing this event at the center and there are lots of opportunities for you to get involved.

How to Sign Up

Sign up by Sunday, October 22, using one of the options below:

  • Text the word “changinglives” to 480-524-0889
  • Click on the “Register” button below
  • At church, sign up in the foyer

NOTE: Anyone planning on attending, must sign up with SouthGate using one of the methods above and on the Phoenix Rescue Mission's website at southgate.prm.volunteerhub.com. Anyone not signed up in both locations prior to the event will not be allowed on their campus, based on their rules. If you sign up on our website or through texting, you will be directed to their website to complete the sign-up process.

About Phoenix Rescue Mission - Changing Lives Center

The Changing Lives Center is a place where women, and in some instances their children, can come and stay for up to a year. During that time, they have the opportunity to work through life issues such as homelessness, addiction, and domestic violence. This program is donor funded and offered completely free to the women. Professional counseling, work therapy counseling (developing work skills), parenting classes, and education for those without a high school diploma are provided. Most importantly, this is a Christ centered ministry where these women are taught about Jesus Christ and the difference he could make for them in their lives for and in their children’s lives.