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Rio Vista Center

Rio Vista Center Thanksgiving Outreach
November 19, 2016

About the Event

What an AWESOME Thanksgiving event! On November 19th, SouthGate Church teamed up with the Rio Vista Center as well as several other Christian organizations to help serve Thanksgiving Dinner and provide turkeys and groceries to underprivileged families living in the South Phoenix area. Thirty-one volunteers from our church helped cook and serve the dinner as well as helped hand out turkeys and groceries.

According to Rio Vista, 1013 frozen turkeys and bags of groceries were distributed this year (that's a lot of bagging)! Thanks to our kitchen team who added turkey cleaning to their repertoire along with preparing enough green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy for 2500 people to compliment all those yummy deep fried turkeys that were served up. Of course they couldn't have served up all that food with out some really amazing food and table servers; so, thanks to all of you who helped out with that as well as the guys who muscled all of that food out from the kitchen to the serving area. I know we had some people who helped out in the children's area this year also, so, thanks to all of you as well. An especially big thanks to all of you who stayed late to help with the clean up - that made for a very long day!

Rio Vista was extremely grateful for all of the help we provided for them. They said the thing that stuck out most to them about the people from our church was the great attitude everyone had throughout the day.

Thanks to Ashley Allen for coming out and photographing the event for us again this year!

Thanks to Tonie Banuelos and her crew that handled the grocery bagging duties this year.

A big THANKS and GOD BLESS YOU to all of our volunteers for your hard work and for the lives God was able to touch because of involvement!

About Rio Vista

The Rio Vista Center is a non-profit, Christian organization that responds compassionately to the needs of the Valley’s less fortunate through mobilizing and working with the community. Their mission is to compassionately meet the needs of our community. The Rio Vista Center is located at 1431 E. Southern Avenue in Phoenix.

Phoenix Rescue Mission - Changing Lives Center

SouthGate Church’s “Changing Lives Center” Outreach 2016

A huge "THANK YOU" to our Phoenix Rescue Mission Changing Lives Center Outreach volunteers for making Sunday, October 23rd, such an amazing day of outreach and ministry to the women and children staying at the center!

The Changing Lives Center is a place where women dealing with issues of homelessness, abuse, or addictions can stay for up to a year in a Christ centered environment at no cost to them while they work through their problems. In many instances their children are allowed to stay with them. They are afforded many educational opportunities during their stay at the center including job training and a chance to earn their GED.

On Sunday, the 23rd, we moved our worship service and children’s church ministry to the center for the day. Our children’s church and nursery care teams did an awesome job ministering to the children at the center! Pastor Andrew’s message about finding our true identity in Christ seemed especially appropriate for the women at the center because all of them are dealing with difficult situations that are really rooted in a misconception of who they are, what and Who they were created for and where their true worth and value comes from. It’s only through a saving relationship with God through Jesus Christ that we can discover what our real identity is and fulfill the destiny that God intends for each one of us. Several women came forward for the response time following the service and at least one lady accepted Christ as her Savior! VERY AWESOME!

Following the service, we barbecued some hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch and our Connect Groups sponsored some fun activity booths for the women and children.

When you add it all up, it made for a REALLY GREAT DAY – always a blessing to witness the church being the church. I’m sure the Lord was very pleased. We have certainly received a lot of heartfelt appreciation from many of the women at the center as well as the staff who work there.

Nice job SouthGate!

About Phoenix Rescue Mission - Changing Lives Center

The Changing Lives Center is a place where women, and in some instances their children, can come and stay for up to a year. During that time, they have the opportunity to work through life issues such as homelessness, addiction, and domestic violence. This program is donor funded and offered completely free to the women. Professional counseling, work therapy counseling (developing work skills), parenting classes, and education for those without a high school diploma are provided. Most importantly, this is a Christ centered ministry where these women are taught about Jesus Christ and the difference he could make for them in their lives for and in their children’s lives.