Where We Are Going

Our Goal is $1,200,000

We have already received a corporate donation from the Bruce Halle Foundation (owner of Discount Tire Co.) of $600,000. We have used approximately $100,000 of this for the athletic field and sewer system. This leaves a remaining balance of $500,000 to be used toward the Activity Center. Through our Building to Serve campaign we need an additional $700,000 to complete the Center. The total of all monies will go exclusively for the new building.

Continue to Grow

In order for SouthGate Church to continue to grow, we must allow room for growth in our existing facilities as well as plan to make room for new growth as God expands His kingdom right here in our own community. We must be faithful to use His resources to do whatever is necessary to help build the kingdom.

Our church has launched a Capital Stewardship Campaign entitled Building to Serve to aid us in preparing to do what only God can do. With the construction of a facility that will reach many people, we will have the space to move forward, impacting our community so that they might hear the loving and saving message of Jesus Christ. These exciting days that we are in bring us to a new challenge.

Goal Status

Total Goal: $1,200,000

Updated: November 30, 2017