SouthGate Church

Where We Have Been

SouthGate Church began more than 35 years ago with 15 people meeting in a home with the vision to change the world through the love of Christ.

Building on this foundation resulted in the birth of the 91st Psalm Christian School in 1984 and a growing congregation. In 1987, the ministry moved to our current location with 3 new buildings on approximately 3 1/2 acres of land. Since that time, we have added three classroom buildings, a youth building, a church office building, and approximately 6 1/2 more acres.

Driven by a heart to reach out to our community in new and effective ways, we join together on Sundays, offering two worship services and children’s programs. During the week, we meet for adult study and fellowship in Connect Groups, meeting in homes. We also have a College/Career Group meeting and our weekly Youth Group meeting. Five days a week, our school fills the buildings with students in pre-K through 12th grade.

We have seen many lives changed through the years and are now ready to bring forth new growth. We are indeed ready to continue to Build to Serve.

  • In the early days, our church met in a tent.
  • These were the orange groves that were originally on the site for our church.
  • Inside our current sanctuary as it was being built.
  • Building our current church facilities.
  • That's Baseline road next to our where our current sign is now.

Goal Status

Total Goal: $1,200,000

Updated: November 30, 2017